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Is your goat sick? Or are you a normal person with a cat or dog and that's sick? Then check out Templestowe Vet. They may not be located anywhere near you but they are a great vet!!

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Amusing Onesie Photos
Thursday, 12 September 2013 04:52

Onesie pyjamas are a fashion statement that are coming back into popularity. Since Wilfred the dog became a hit TV show both in Australia and internationally, it is now cool again to dress in a onesie.

Here are our favourite amusing photos:


Clear a path, the tigers are coming!


Would anyone like to take my virginity?

Funny iPhone Stories That Are True

The iPhone is slowly taking over the world, but with total domination comes some amusing occurrences. Here are 5 funny iPhone stories that are unbelievably true!

Random Animal Facts

Here at One Black Goat we aren't just about the goats. We also like to crap on about other animals too. Check out these weird and wonderful animal facts:

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Property is No Laughing Matter

If you DO have too much time on your hands it might be time to go on a holiday. Beach holidays are always fun, so maybe hire out a Portland property and chill out by the water. If you don't live in Melbourne, Australia it might be a bit of a hike for you. Unless you live near Portland, United States which in that case, go to Florida!

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